The power of taking control of your mental focus.

New Innergize Programs
By Ruth Anne Plourde, MA

Job Stress and the Bottom Line
Itís estimated that job stress costs American industry over $200 billion annually due to absenteeism, reduced productivity, accidents and employee turnover -- all of which affects the bottom line. To improve the bottom line, increase productivity and take control of your stress response, come learn the benefits and consequences of stress, how to create a positive working environment, and proven techniques that will help relieve stress and provide a sense of well-being.

Re-energizing the Inner Life of Health Professionals
Discover how to rekindle the passion that initially led you to a health care career. Learn how to thrive not just survive in todayís demanding health care environment. Experience four techniques that will reenergize your passion for your lifeís work, help you tap into your inner wisdom, recharge your bodyís energy system and immunize yourself against daily stressors.

Chronic Disease & The Art of Wellness
Chronic illness affects people of all ages and races, but no matter the illness, they are all faced (as we all are) with the challenge of how to maintain quality of life and a sense of well-being. We will discuss a variety of complementary approaches, such as, stress management, meditative movements, creative therapies, music, guided imagery and bodywork -- then examine the benefits of integrating them into the traditional medical treatment program.

Inner Harmony:
A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities
We join multi-colored facets of glass in a Kaleidoscope to make unique patterns of colors and shapes -- but it is the center point that makes the beautiful patterns possible. Through the use of The Three Harmonies learn how to create your own center point around which you can join the many facets of your life (The Six Dimensions of Wellness) together in order to create beautiful patterns in your work life and personal life.

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