Ruth Anne Plourde, MA

She’s Been There
A serious stress related illness and struggle for her own survival led Ruth Anne on a 20 year quest to personally understand the connection between stress, illness, mind and body. Her successful personal experiences, along with significant professional training will help your people reduce stress, work more creatively and be more focused and productive.

A Leader in the Field
Ruth Anne has researched both Eastern and Western approaches to getting well, staying well and living a balanced life.

Her research led to:

  • A Master’s Degree in Human Development and Holistic Health & Wellness.

  • An Assistant Professorship in the Holistic Health Studies Program for the College of St. Catherine.

  • Certification in Health and Wellness Counseling.

  • Studying with internationally recognized masters of Chinese Internal Healing Arts

  • Certifications in T’ai Chi, and Qigong.


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